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These clients said hello to more money, time and freedom
"Before working with CRM Tech Global, my biggest challenge was consistency with my business community. I tried working with virtual assistants but they weren’t able to keep up with me nor did they understand my needs. Since working with CRM Tech Global, I have been able to have consistent stakeholder communications. I also increased my revenue. CRM Tech Global is very thorough. I did not have to babysit them, they knew what I needed and did it. They were able to assist me from strategy to completion. Their work is impeccable."
Non-Profit Business Owner
"Because of CRM Tech Global my business exists and it works on automation. It’s seriously so cool. The site I built with developers is very complicated: we have 1-time product purchases, recurring subscriptions, gift subscriptions, free-trials, email campaigns (200+ emails installed), and all of it is managed with CRM data tools. All of it was a lot to manage because we set out to build a very ambitious system. It’s now a beautifully well-oiled machine. I’m so proud. Sometimes I open up to the CRM dashboard and just cry because I’m so thankful for all the work CRM Tech Global did to make my complex dream a reality.”
Subscription-Based Business Owner
"What delighted me most about CRM Tech Global was their consistency, their strategy, and genuine interest  in my business. I appreciate that CRM Tech Global saw what was possible with my business. They believed in me. They took time to understand my passion, purpose and giftings that I offer to the world and then helped me package them in a way to make consistent revenue. CRM Tech Global is a valuable partner in my business.” 
DEI Business Consultant 
CRM isn't just for big corporations; it's a powerful tool that empowers small businesses to compete on a global scale.
Founded in 2012, CRM Tech Global® provides vendor-agnostic solutions with certified expertise catered to small business enterprises and the people who lead them. At CRM Tech Global® we don’t create CRM technology, we help small businesses to better leverage CRM technology with consulting, customization, education and training.
Transform your customer relationship management with proper planning and integrated technology
When you work with us, you will experience:
Efficient Customer Management
With CRM solutions, small businesses can centralize customer data, track interactions, and manage relationships more effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.
Data-Driven Decision Making
By harnessing insights from CRM analytics, small businesses can make informed decisions based on real-time data, enabling targeted marketing, personalized communication, and strategic planning for growth.
Streamlined Workflows
CRM systems automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration among teams, allowing small businesses to operate more efficiently, reduce manual errors, and focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their customers..
How we can work together
We have services for every level of business, whether you want to improve customer engagement,  integrate automation into workflows, or incorporate CRM curriculum into your small business development program, we got you!
Subject Matter Experts
For subject matter experts, CRM solutions are essential tools for optimizing productivity and maximizing client relationships. By centralizing client data, managing communications, and tracking interactions, CRM enables experts to deliver personalized and timely support, fostering stronger connections and trust. With features like automated follow-ups and task management, CRM streamlines workflows, allowing experts to focus more on their expertise and less on administrative tasks. 
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Small Business Enterprises
In today's competitive market, small businesses need CRM solutions to stay organized, build stronger customer relationships, and drive growth. With an effective CRM, they can efficiently manage leads, track sales pipelines, and deliver personalized experiences that keep customers coming back.  CRM empowers small enterprises to focus on what they do best while scaling their operations effectively. Don't just survive – thrive with CRM and unlock your business's full potential.
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Business Development Programs
Incorporating curriculum about CRM solutions into small business development programs is crucial for equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. CRM knowledge empowers small business owners to streamline operations, enhance customer relationships, and drive growth effectively. By providing education on CRM systems, development programs enable participants to harness technology to their advantage.
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A well-planned CRM doesn't just store data; it cultivates relationships, nurtures trust, and fosters brand loyalty.
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